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Hestia blouse


This blouse is a great one to combine with the hestia and hathor bottoms, it's like you're wearing a jumpsuit when you tuck it in, i love the look of a jumpsuit myself, but in all the years of breastfeeding i've found out that isn't the most practical piece of clothing. plus who likes to sit naked in a (public) bathroom, when you know, you know :)

the shell buttons in the back makes this blouse more elegant and the broderie sleeves adds some chique, you can wear this piece always and everywhere.


As you can probably tell this stretch linen is my absolute favorite fabric, I'm so glad I found it. there will be a lot more of it in my next collections.

260 gr/m2 with a slight horizontal stretch.


Machine wash at 30 or max 40 degrees
do not bleach or wash with optical whiteners. 

color may naturally fade some in time

Hang dry and iron inside out on high heat.

48% cotton, 25% linen,

24% viscose, 3% Elastan

260 gr/m2


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