• conscious fashion.
  • minimalistic design,
  • high-quality garments,
  • highly skilled tailoring.
  • made in the Netherlands


Dear reader, 

My name is Miriam, I am the founder of amélyph.

my 3 daughters names: Sophia, Lilly and Amélie combined is how the brandname AMÉLYPH was born. 


Once you are a mother you'll create a different little inner world, which isn't a bad thing, it's great actually. but you'll have to figure out for yourself how to handle it for the best. I became a mother at the age of 22 and had to find out what I really loved doing, besides being a mom. my choice was, and luckily I could... to be there for my children for the first two years of their lives, I realise I was privileged to do so, unfortunately this choice isn't always a possibility and I'm aware of that.

I was a model for 6 years with my two youngest children for my amazing friend Anna, who is the owner of the world wide known high end baby carrier brand; Artipoppe. she inspired me to follow my gut, my dreams and that I can become whatever I want to be. because of her I also met very inspiring women with beautiful visions about motherhood and life in general, they made me feel like I can jump in the deep and start doing things I love, without any doubt. They all started something out of their imagination, their creativity and didn't start with a ton of money either.

I'm so glad I found something I really love doing and can share with other women and their children around the world. I've always had a vision about the clothing I'd like to wear, but these items were hard to find, or I couldn't find them at all. I'm all about classics, timeless items, like a dress you can wear at the grocery store, or you could get married in and everything in between. I want to look sophisticated and elegant but I also want it to feel like it's as comfortable as a pyjama. 


Please enjoy shopping and feel free to ask me anything in my dm at instagram or trough email: info@amelyph.com

x- Miriam



I don't do or will never do seasonal collections this is because I am putting so much effort in one piece of clothing, there won't be time to do more, my head would explode. I guess 8 is the max at one time, but I prefer creating when I'm ready.

i hope you'll find my collections as timeless as I want them to be and also will be wearing the pieces in a couple of years! do something crazy, buy your newest favorite winter coat in April, keep it in the closet for months, looking forward to finally wear it! or first use it as a blanket in the garden when it gets chilly, but don't spill your red wine on it :)

There will be no sales at AMÉLYPH.COM

With the exception of some products with a good reason which I will mention. Mostly because the items won't sell as good as I was hoping or there's a little mistake in the fabric, sewing, sizing etc

I can't compete with the fast fashion industry.. 

I noticed myself when I put money aside to buy a product with a higher price, I value it even more, I cherish it, I love the story behind the brand and remember it's made by hand, by people who get a fair pay. I'll tell people about them and I'll even borrow it to them so they can notice the difference themselves. I hope you'll feel the same after buying from us. 

All the fabrics are O EKO-TEX certified, bought in the Netherlands/Europe and every piece of clothing is designed by me and ETHICALLY PRODUCED by 

Venucci in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.