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Manoah jumpsuit - double gauze

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As I was almost due and was searching for things to wear now but definitely after I give birth, I did dare to take this step after all, if not for the people then for myself. Selfcare is my nr 1 priority especially as a mom of (almost) 4 children. I hope this jumpsuit gives you the joy and happiness it gives me, it's one to keep forever! Losing or gaining weight isn't an issue for this suit, it's an oversized model you can adjust with the belt. Roll up the legs and sleeves as needed, wear it with a vest or sweater on top, or just a cute little lace bralette for some sexiness in your life. The buttons in front make the v neck look more playful and easier to put the suit on and off.

feel your feminine self and above all comfortable like you deserve! You are a sexy and amazing human being. 



  • Recommended machine wash at max 30 degrees, medium ironing, dry cleaning, no bleach.
  • Gauze is prone to pull, never cut or shave the fabric. After washing the threads will come to place. Because of this we recommend you to wash first before using. 


  • Hydrophilic Fabric is a double-woven cotton fabric that is breathable, light weight, soft, well absorbent, skin-friendly and does not stretch. Hydrophilic was previously used for diapers.
    Nowadays you see the hydrophilic fabric in many items, such as a baby nest, clothing or blanket. The structure of the fabric can be recognized by the wrinkled pattern, also called the crinkle effect.


  • 130 Gram per square meter

  • 100% double gauze cotton 

  • Oeko Tex certified


M A N O A H :

There is something wonderful about being with the people we love. It almost feels like you can fully relax, like a place of rest. Baby can be that for themselves and others, with a name like Manoah. With Hebrew origins, this name means “place of rest.” The definition evokes images of safety, calm, and peace, which are all lovely qualities to instil.

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