Hathor bottom - noir

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The Hathor bottom reminds me of long days at the beach, salads and cocktails at a campfire while dancing bare feet until midnight. but is absolute fit for every season, I aim to make clothing you can wear at a cocktail party as much as a pajamas. 

the elastic waistband, deep pockets and airy legs are a perfect fit for almost everyone. this bottom is so great I hate taking it off. I might even have slept in it.


  • 260 gram per square meter

  • 48% Cotton, 25% linen, 24% viscose, 3% elastan. 

  • Oeko Tex certified



  • Measurements for a multiple washed size S/M hathor bottom: 

    inside leg: 76 cm 

    outside leg: 100 cm 

    hem: 34 cm 

    Rise: 30 cm 

    front of the waist band: unstreched: 34 cm, stretched: 42 cm.



  • Always wash before using. The fabric will be butter soft after a few washed and ironing sessions. 

  • hang dry and wash and iron inside out. 

  • Recommended machine wash at 30 degrees, medium to high ironing, no bleach or washing with optical whitening. 

  • color may naturally fade some in time. 

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3 years ago

Wat een verademing deze broek, zacht op de buik door de rekbare achterkant. De stof is prachtig en is zo zacht! Ik wil ze allemaal😍