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  • minimalistic design,
  • high-quality garments,
  • highly skilled tailoring.
  • made in the Netherlands

Gift set

€119.05 €99.00

Gift set

€119.05 €99.00

This gift box contains: 

1x Seashell Daydream(size 56/62)

1x vegan silk scrunchie

(get your long hair out of your newborn baby's face while feeding) 

5x washable cloths

(baby bum or wash cloth) 

5x washable pads (great to use as nursing pads or makeup remover pads) 

1x eco era spray flacon

1x calendula oil 

My sweet friend Eef from https://eco-era-store.com/en/

And I, decided we want to do a collaboration, especially for newborn (mothers).

not only your baby is new but you become a mother for the first, even second or third etc time, too!
you become a whole new person who needs pampering and attention. 
how better than with a organic set which makes your first weeks easier and the world a bit better without waste! 

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