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Yasmin wrap top


Aegean organic cotton
This item is made from so-called Aegean organic cotton, which is grown in the regions of Turkey bordering the Aegean Sea. It is a conscious choice for us to work with this cotton. Here are the three main reasons:

1) The high quality. The Aegean cotton is known for its long fiber length, softness, good processing possibilities and beautiful color.

2) Turkish Organic Cotton is guaranteed to be free from genetic engineering as it is prohibited by law in Turkey. As a result, Turkish organic cotton has never faced scandals where GMO was found in certified organic fabrics (unlike India).

3) Turkey is the world's second largest producer of organic cotton and has a large processing industry (spinning, weaving, knitting, and finishing companies). This means that the cotton can be processed in Turkey itself. It also counts for us that Turkey is closer than India. Both factors lead to lower transport costs and lower CO2 emissions.

Ecotex (Ecological Textiles) is a GOTS certified company. This certification is your guarantee for ecologically and socially responsible production. Look here for the GOTS certificate of Ecotex (Ecological Textiles).