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  • high-quality garments,
  • highly skilled tailoring.
  • made in the Netherlands

Daydream bodysuit - velours teddybear Brown


Our signature bodysuit in a gorgeous soft velours fabric! 
preorders are up! First batch will be here at the beginning of November.

My favorite items for a baby are oversized sweaters and tights, so I dicided to design a bodysuit you can button up and there will be no need for bottoms anymore! the stretch terry cloth is super comfortable for your little one. in summer you can wear it on it's own and in winter you can pair them with lovely tights. i prefer the tights from
MFM which is one of my favorite brands.

check out: Campfire - Velvet Sunset and Hercules sweater - velvet sunset to twin with your little ones! 

80% cotton, 20% recycled polyester  

wash instructions: machine wash at max 40 degrees

you can put it in the dryer but I won't recommand it every time, we want to keep it pretty as long as possible.