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Hestia blouse - black


This gorgeous blouse is on of our bestsellers, the black blouse has a little different sleeves than the natural linen paradise, to keep it playful. Shell or wooden buttons, depending on what we have to keep the waste as small as possible. 

pair the paradise blouse with the Hathor bottom - black Hathor bottom - natural linen or Hestia bottom for the ultimate feeling


  • 260 gram per square meter

  • 48% Cotton, 25% linen, 24% viscose, 3% elastan. 

  • Oeko Tex certified



  • Size: (x)small/medium 
  • Size large/x-large will also fit smaller sizes if you like your blouse oversized. 



    • Always wash before using. The fabric will be butter soft after a few washed and ironing sessions. 
    • hang dry and wash and iron inside out. 
    • Recommended machine wash at 30 degrees, medium to high ironing, no bleach or washing with optical whitening. 
    • color may naturally fade some in time. 
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