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  • high-quality garments,
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  • made in the Netherlands
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Total Eclipse dress

Total Eclipse dress
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The ultimate dress but also wearable as a kimono

Shell buttons, pockets, wide, airy, long, chique signature bow cuffs. What more can I say? This dress is one to keep forever. Named after her little sister'The Eclipse blouse' it's the same, but longer, so you don't have to think about what to wear underneath. We love to make it easy and fabulous! 

One size fits most. 
from XS to M oversized / from L to XXL regular fit. 


Description linen: 

  • 70% viscose 30% linen 

  • Oeko Tex certified

  • 172 gram per square meter



    Recommended machine wash at 30 degrees

    air dry, medium ironing (not necessary)

    no bleach.

    a little pilling can occur after a few washes,

    personally I like it, it gives it a bit of texture, if you don't, shave them off with a special device.