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Campfire sweater - Tuscan pink

Campfire sweater - Tuscan pink
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Such a warm and delicious color. A magical one really, it’s different in every type of light. Most of the time pink, but sometimes brown or purple-ish. When the sky is at her prettiest you’ll see this color in her, while the sun is going to sleep and the moon peaks.

Red velvet cake can be this color when you make it without food coloring.

Roses that had their best time (in Tuscany) while being a bit burned by the sun. You’ll notice them when drinking on a terrace or walking down the most romantic streets or sitting in your grandmothers garden. 

it’s like a clay hut during the warmest golden hour. 

It’s like my pink wall at home, which I mixed myself, with light orange, beige, brick red and brown. This sweater will be your newest BFF. 


I love imagining these while having my visualization meditation moment of the day.
Meet our newest color, Tuscan pink 🪄


Oversized terry sponge sweater with pockets. Great to put over your bathingsuit at days at the beach. To sleep in in winter. To wear over your blouse, dress, with your favorite bottoms or nakey nakey naked. 


  • 235 Gram per square meter

  • 80% Cotton 20% polyester  

  • Oeko Tex certified



  • one size fits: 34 to 44



    • Recommended machine wash at max 30 degrees, no ironing, air dry, no bleach.

    • you can also put me in the dryer, but not too hot please. 

    • we recommend you to wash first before using. 

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    Tugba Sarikaya
    10 months ago

    HELLO, do you get this product again ?

    Miriam Pataki
    2 months ago

    Hi Tugba, these are available now. Thank you for taking interest in our product.

    -x- Miriam