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Hathor bottom


The Hathor bottom reminds me of long days at the beach, salads and cocktails at a campfire while dancing bare feet until midnight. but is absolute fit for every season, I aim to make clothing you can wear at a cocktail party as much as a pajamas. 

when you are taller, this trousers is a great culotte fit. 

the elastic waistband, deep pockets and airy legs are a perfect fit for almost everyone. this bottom is so great I hate taking it off. I might even have slept in it.

Machine wash at 30 or max 40 degrees
do not bleach or wash with optical whiteners. 

color may naturally fade some in time

iron inside out on high heat.

48% cotton, 25% linen, 24% viscose, 3% Elastan

260 gr/m2

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