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Manoah jumpsuit - natural linen


I'm dreaming of a jumpsuit like this for a long time now, I didn't dare to produce more items this year because of the Instagram overkill on nice garments. As I am very pregnant at the moment and was searching for things to wear now but definitely after I give birth, I did dare to take this step after all, if not for the people then for myself. Selfcare is my nr 1 priority especially as a mom of (almost) 4 children. I hope this jumpsuit gives you the joy and happiness it gives me, it's one to keep forever! Losing or gaining weight isn't an issue for this suit, it's an oversized model you can adjust with the belt. The overlapping v neck makes it look nonchalant and easy. Roll up the legs and sleeves as needed, wear it with a vest or sweater on top, or just a cute little lace bralette for some sexiness in your life. above all, feel feminine and comfortable like you deserve! You are a sexy and amazing human being. 

The jumpsuit is already online with all the measurements and fabric details. I can understand if you can’t or are afraid to pre order this jumpsuit already, but it would help me a lot to produce a few more than just 10 pieces 🤍 don’t feel pressured 🙏🏼 I love to share my journey either way with you guys and I hope you haven’t forget about Amélyph yet 🫶🏼 I’m trying my best to make garments that can be in the collection forever but sometimes they just don’t do as well as expected, that’s when I give them a bit of discount and they won’t return back in the collection. I added some things like that to the (sample)sale to make a consistent clothing line that will be perfect for a capsule wardrobe. Love X

70% linen 30% viscose 

215 gr/m2 

Inside out wash on 30 degrees, 'mould and stretch' a bit with hands when wet and hang dry. Iron inside out on medium to high heat and never bleach. 

M A N O A H :

There is something wonderful about being with the people we love. It almost feels like you can fully relax, like a place of rest. Baby can be that for themselves and others, with a name like Manoah. With Hebrew origins, this name means “place of rest.” The definition evokes images of safety, calm, and peace, which are all lovely qualities to instil.

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2 months ago

Can’t wait for my jumpsuit! The measurements are perfect for me and my growing belly ❤️ thank you so much for making these amazing garments. I can’t stop wearing ONLY Amélyph