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One day I decided it was enough, I was going to do what I always wanted and no one could talk me out of it. I wanted to design clothes. it started with the love for baby clothes, what I imagined I had never seen before and that was my biggest joy! I couldn't sew myself so I had to outsource this. my children wore tights with a sweater for the first 2 to 3 years of their life, this did not always look charming, but it was the most comfortable, they immediately took off trousers or leggings and also their socks were always lost. that's why I thought of the bodysuit, this is an oversized sweater that you can button up so that you can wear a tights or bare legs at the bottom. Also you could tuck in the end parts if you do want to wear them bottoms. the sponge terry cloth is airy for summer and warm enough with a long-sleeved romper in the winter. it is a great soft fabric and has a lot of stretch. anything you want for your baby, right? I always want ultimate comfort for myself, but it has to look good too. I am convinced that this has been achieved with this amazing bodysuit. the first model is called hercules, this name will soon change because the bodysuit has also had a few adjustments to make it even more pleasant and pretty for your little one.